Women Empowerment – Why it’s important to empower one another

Recently women empowerment has become a very popular topic all around the globe. Women empowerment is when one allows or encourages women to make their own decisions and make those decisions become a reality through whatever means they desire.

It is extremely important that women empower other women and encourage their growth.

No place for superficial judgements

It is important to understand that all women deserve to be equally empowered, even the ones you don’t like that much. As women, we often make superficial judgements of other women too quickly and then actively pursue this judgement in the way we treat them. We may do this unconsciously but it won’t get us very far. When personal emotions are added to an argument, it is easy to lose perspective. It is important to accept and embrace our differences as it helps us grow. It is important to understand that we will never succeed in making a real impact if we keep bringing each other down. “Positive reinforcement changes behaviour for the better, while criticism stabilises negative behaviours and blocks change.’’ – Virginia H Pearce

Respecting each other’s choices

Not everyone is keen to step their foot into the world of business. And that is totally fine. To be a strong and independent woman, one doesn’t need to be a business expert. Some choose to stay at home and look after their families, while others are focused on their careers. Whatever choice a woman makes, it is important to understand that it is her right to live her life the way she wants. There is a buzz about successful businesswomen and entrepreneurs, however, there’s no need to look down on someone who chooses a different lifestyle. Women should support one another whatever the lifestyle they choose.

Women are key for empowering women

Show your appreciation for the women in your life. Say thank you, give and accept compliments, and help out the women around you. A simple gesture can make someone’s day and boost their self-esteem. It is important to speak up if you witness any injustice; show your support. It is a good idea to encourage your friends to speak up too, so they understand the value of their opinions and feel free to express themselves. Empowered women contribute greatly to society and is a key element to its growth. It is important to not forget that empowering women doesn’t put them above men; it promotes gender equality, and women supporting other women is the key to its success.


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