The Different Styles of Eyelash Extensions & How to keep them clean.

Eyelash extensions can change the shape of your eyes by making them look bigger, smaller, and brighter, depending on the style you choose. They change the dynamics of your face to make you look more awake and put together without the need for makeup.

If you are new to the world of eyelash extensions, it can take some time to get used to and understand the difference in each lash style. There are so many different effects that can be achieved with each type, so keep reading to find out more.

 Classic lash extensions- Classic lashes are perfect for people who already have good lashes but want to add more length while keeping the natural look. They are simple, beautiful, natural-looking lash extensions. With this style, individual lashes are interspersed with your own lashes.

 Volume lash extensions- Volume lashes are for those who like a more dramatic look, as they offer you a fuller look. it involves applying a fan of lashes to each eye, instead of applying single lashes as with classic extensions.

 Mega Volume lash extensions- These lashes are used to create ultra-dramatic lash looks for those who love super long and thick lashes. They are similar to volume lash extensions but different in their own way. The use of the word mega is a good indicator of the difference. With mega volume lashes, you can have up to 16 individual lashes used to make a fan to go on one individual natural lash, mega for sure.

Hybrid lash extensions- Hybrid lashes mix classic lash extensions and volume lash extensions. This means that individual lashes are added in some spots, while in others, fans of 2 or more volume lashes are applied. Lash artists usually use longer classic eyelash extensions to create hybrid lashes.

By combining the two techniques, with hybrid lashes you get length and fullness. Perfect for people who want a fuller lash line and a more texturized lash look.

               Eyelash extensions aftercare with U stunner.

It’s very important to know how to keep your eyelash extensions clean and follow the correct aftercare. Following the aftercare steps will save you both money and time because you won’t need to replace your lashes as quickly. It will also help keep them clean and reduce the risk of eye infection. It is standard practice that after your eyelashes are applied, you do not let them get wet for 48 hours. This is because the glue used to add the extensions must dry for 48 hours. Water can affect the glue, causing the bond to become brittle and easy to break.

After 48 hours it’s okay to let them get wet. In fact, you must clean them gently and carefully to prevent eye infections. You can use the small lash brush that you will receive from us to brush your lashes.

It is important to brush your eyelashes every morning to stop them from getting tangled and to keep them looking good. You must also be careful with all products you use including makeup. Do not apply mascara to your lash extensions as this will affect the glue and cause them to break or fall off.

As you can tell there are many different lash styles and looks to choose from. When booking a lash appointment, It’s best to do some research and read into the different styles to help you pick which style is for you. Also, it’s important to follow the aftercare steps to make sure your lashes stay clean, last longer, and look good!

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