Spiritual Relinquishing this Super New Moon


It’s time to get OUT of your feelings and the universe can help you do just that this 17.09.2020!

The super moon amongst us this evening will teach us that we can support any vision. This new moon holds the space for us to see far into the future and opens up the path needed to get us there. This magic new moon in Virgo is all about stepping into our power and raising our vibration and awareness.

It will also bring balance to the emotional havoc brought on by the full moon in Pisces. While the Pisces moon forced for exploration and the release of all unconscious self-undoings, this new moon in Virgo asks us to take our very first steps with a lighter load.

During the last full moon we came vis-a-vis with thoughts and habits that were no longer serving us, but now we can move forward carrying less of the things that come from self-doubt, negative self-talk and distrust in our own abilities.

Although you’ve been tolerating all the emotions that the previous full moon sent your way, you are ready to be finished with them and you can freely make plans again, as long as you are focused on learning from the past.

It is time for us to ground ourselves in self-love and create objectives that align with our higher purpose. The best way for us to connect with those intentions is to look within and to those who know us best, especially to those who represent past dreams or memories we’ve lost sight of.

Cleanse away stagnant energy, honour your body, focus on the good. It’s time for new beginnings…


Moon Child 🌕✨


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