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Sleep Well to Maintain Beautiful Skin

Having a good night’s sleep is important to preserve our skin and keep its radiant youth. Why? During the night some parts of our body are more receptive and manage to take benefits from the time spent sleeping.

1. Always stick with a sleep cycle

Sleeping during the day does not have the same effect on our skin: we are able to support the skin in its auto repair mechanisms and promote cell regeneration thanks to the production of collagen and elastin fibers only by respecting our natural sleep cycle.
Compared to the day, it is at night that our skin is more receptive. During the night hours the losses sustained at the cellular level are reinstated because of the formation of free radicals and during the phases of waste and impurities disposal.

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2. Trouble Sleeping? A massage and an herbal tea

A relaxing massage performed before going to bed helps you relax as well as stimulating the microcirculation and encouraging the penetration of the active ingredients in the products used. Furthermore, massages keep the skin toned.
A calming herbal tea or an infusion with chamomile and honey is always a good idea after a massage ritual too.

3. Same time, same sleep

Go to bed and get up at the same time every day: The closer you get to a routine, the more easily your body will recognize it and respond to your sleep and wake times.
Do not try to recover all the hours of sleep lost during the week, sleeping all weekend. Remember the sleep cycle.

4. Sleep well and lose weight

Did you know that sleeping well can also help you reduce fat in your body? Sleeping too little can be one of the biggest enemies of the diet.
This is because the lack of sleep slows down the metabolism and above all it alters the sleep cycle making you hungrier during the day! When you are hungrier, you tend to pick up bad eating habits that can sometimes take a toll on the visibility of your skin.

As you have noticed, just a few changes to your daily (and sleeping) routine can help you have a better sleep and beautiful skin too.

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