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We’re ALL About Self-Love 💜

By Ustunner —

It’s Time to Focus on Yourself

At Ustunner, we think self-love is an important thing to practise in everyday life! There are so many habits you can pick up to make self-love that little bit easier but in the rush of everything we do, we can often forget about them!

Practicing self-love regularly helps you to be happier, something we should all care about. It’s not just about massages and manicures, although, they help! In fact, self-love starts in our minds and that’s where most of the work is done! If you practise the following self-love techniques regularly, you’ll be a self-love sensei in no time!

1. Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a meditative, mental state reached by focusing on your awareness of the present moment and it’s our first self-love tip. As you meditate you’ll calmly acknowledge any thoughts and feelings you may have, whether they’re pleasant or not. It’s a great, calm way to deal with anything you’re going through and can help relieve stress.

2. Affirmations

Affirmations such as ‘I will achieve my next goal‘, ‘I am a good, kind person‘, ‘I am determined and passionate‘ are just three examples of thousands you could use. Write your affirmations down in a notebook and read them each day, even say them out loud to yourself. These are all positive phrases you want to remember.

3. Gratitude

Gratitude is a great thing to practice. Keeping something like a gratitude journal can be very similar to writing down your affirmations however these are all things you are grateful for. They can be as simple as you’re grateful to have a roof over your head or you can go far deeper than that. It’s important to remind ourselves of everything we have and how lucky we are to have it!

4. Talk to Yourself… In the Mirror!

You may think this is an odd tip but it works. Self-love covers everything, inside and out! We all have insecurities that we are aware of a lot of the time. Look at yourself in the mirror and look directly at your insecurities. While looking at them, tell yourself that you are beautiful. Tell yourself you are worthy and every part of your body makes you who you are today. Keep going! Just a little bit of this every day can help to change your mindset!

5. Self-Care

One of our all-time favourites! Self-care comes in many forms. To a lot of people, it’s running a nice hot bubble bath and spending an hour or so in there reading a book. To others, it’s going on a peaceful walk every week. Whatever form of self-care you prefer, make sure you’re doing it at least once a week… Three times if possible! We all deserve to relax, unwind and feel great!

Why is Self-Love so Important?

Learn how to love yourself and accept yourself can help reduce stress and anxiety and has been proven to lift our mood, making us happier people. It’s also a great way to become more compassionate and empathetic. People who practise self-love and self-care are often more caring towards others. Overall, it makes us better people. We have to be kind to ourselves to be kind to others!

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