Essential Bundle

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Turmeric Chai Tea + Water Soluble CBD Oil + CBD Balm

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Turmeric Chai Tea
Turmeric needs no introduction. This herbal powerhouse has proven a health and wellness favourite in recent years. Its centuries old use in ancient Ayurveda medicine alongside hemp promotes many health boosting properties.

We have combined and infused these ancient giants in one powerful tea bag, bringing you 15mg dose of CBD hemp leaf infused with Turmeric Chai.

Water Soluble CBD Oil

Water Soluble CBD is a CBD science at its finest, CBD scientifically broken down in to nano particles provides a the most bio available CBD product.

Versatile in its use, water-soluble is a great alternative to CBD (Cannabidiol) oils. Water soluble can be used in any water based drinks and in foods.

By passing our digestion process, Water is absorbed immediately in to our bodies, along with CBD you will be sure to feel the benefits immediately.

This product can be added to: water, fruit juices, smoothies, energy drinks, hot beverages, herbal teas, tea and coffee

All types of foods and drinks or simply used as a tincture.

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians.

CBD Balm

Our luxury balm is designed to leave a long lasting moisturised feel enriched with natural essential oils and full spectrum CBD oil.

Manufactured in the UK.


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