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Mobile Yoga Classes

Nowadays deadlines are increasingly tighter, responsibilities are countless and break times are stricter. Getting the time to attend yoga classes can be problematic. Even when you really want to. That’s why Ustunner offers mobile yoga lessons in London. You can schedule and book a mobile yoga instructor directly to your home at a time you prefer.

You will have your private yoga lesson with your chosen yoga instructor at your convenience which makes yoga so much easier to include as part of your schedule.
Why choose mobile yoga lessons?

Your private Yoga lessons will be adapted to you, so you’ll get much more attention. Your private yoga instructor will get to know all your strengths and weakness, abilities and disabilities helping you make the most of them.

Our yoga therapist will personally interact with you to find out what you want from your lessons and then use their expertise to ensure you have a satisfying yoga class based on your needs.

Yoga Private Classes: How do they work?

You choose your class location and group size (1-3). If you want to spend less, come with your friends and book a mobile yoga teacher. Your group sessions will be cheaper than individual lessons. A mobile yoga group session helps you create common goals with your group, a strong sense of community and face new challenges together.

Do you have a 8-hour workday ahead and just want to relax? Book your private yoga lesson!

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