Nail Colours To Fit Your Skin Colour

When it comes to nail colours, there are thousands of colours to choose from. But just like hair colours, some styles are better suited to you than others.


There are many factors to consider when choosing the right one to match your skin tone. Similar to make-up, there are optimum shades that go with your skin colour the most.


When we go to the salon, it doesn’t take a lot of time for us to choose a colour. However, there’s more to nail-matching than what our outfits of the week will be or what our mood is.


The best way to go is to match our nails with our skin tone. If you’ve inadvertently taken photos of your hands and didn’t like the way it looked, you’ll know how important matching colour is to skin.


There are colours that go best with pale skin and there are colours that are better for dark skin tones.


Below are a list of options to choose from according to your skin.


  1. Fair Skin


Your pink-tinted skin is the best match to a subtle pink colour for your nails. This colour is known to be the Queen of England’s favorite nail polish colour because of its neutral colour. It pairs quite aptly to her fair skin.


Pale skin also goes with a nude colour nail polish. There are dozens of nude colours to choose from and the process is more of a trial-and-error than a one-time trick.


Celebrities who have fair skin like Emma Stone go for colours like pink nude rather than a flat beige.


Aside from this, a classic red can make for a great statement nail colour. It’s fun, loud, and exciting.


Other colors to consider are pink, purple, and electric blue.


  1. Light skin


For light-skinned people, a lavender colour is best. Because of light coloured skin’s cool undertone, the lavender colour is a perfect match for it.


Pink is also a great colour for light-skinned people. It’s best for all seasons and especially summer.


A Dolly Pink, bright orange, and mint blue are also good choices to choose from.


  1. Medium skin


For people with medium skin, coral is the ideal colour for the nails. Medium-skinned people often have both warm and cool undertones which makes coral a good go-to colour.


Other colours that go along with this skin are a pinkish-peach, pastel blue, and deep purple.


  1. Olive skin


For people with olive skin, a burgundy colour is the way to go. It’s a dark-toned colour that can go really well with such a skin tone. It also serves as a way to make your nail beds seem thinner than they are.


Compared to light-skinned people, those with olive skin go best with a beige color.


Don’t be afraid to go bold with reddish-orange nail colour.


  1. Deep skin tones


For deep-skinned tones, a mint green is a good choice. Dark-skinned tones with mint green nails make it seem like you have young hands.


Mint is a mix of blue and green. It makes the nails pop without making it too loud. It covers nail-ageing quite nicely.


Other options to choose from are ocean green, coral pink, and cream yellow.


  1. Warm undertone skin


For this kind of skin tone, peach is best. Peach is a warm color that goes well with warm undertone skin tones.


You can also try orange and pink nail colours for these types of skin.


  1. Cool undertone skin


For skin with cool undertones, a loud pink is a good choice. Don’t be afraid to go bold. Hot pink is a sinfully fun color to wear on your nails.

You can also try a subtle tan, pink beige, and toffee brown.


  1. Neutral undertone skin


For neutral undertones, a reddish orange is one of the best choices for your nails. It’s a color that goes great with any skin, but is best for neutral undertone skin.


It flatters neutral undertone skin greatly.


Other colours to choose from are an electric blue, blue-gray, and an ocean green.



Choosing Professionals to Paint The Colours You Want


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