Mobile Eyelashes

Mobile eyelash extensions

Ustunner provides you with a variety of mobile eyelash extensions: from Volume Lashes to Classic Silk Eyelash Infill.

Our mobile eyelash extensions expert will apply mobile semi-permanent eyelashes to your own lashes to create the style you like, from a natural look to full long lashes.

What’s included in your mobile lash treatment?

An eyelash extension mobile service can take up to 2 hours, depending on how you prefer your lashes to look: light and natural or thick and long.

A mobile lash technician will come to you with the required material, you don’t need to think about anything but relaxing. The convenience of a mobile lash service allows you to:

• Choose the type of eyelash extensions you prefer: Classic Lashes or Volume Lashes

• Choose the size

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