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Makeup Hacks 2018: Ideal for Busy Mornings

We Know What it’s Like to be in a Rush!

Whether you’ve slept through your alarm, booked yourself in for an exercise class before work or trains are cancelled… it’s going to be a tight squeeze to do your makeup before you leave the house. However, running late or being rushed doesn’t mean you have to leave the makeup bag untouched! Here are a few makeup hacks to help you out on your hectic mornings.

First of all… Try out New Makeup

We suggest you stick to your most beloved products if you’re using these beauty hacks! If you’re rushed, it’s probably not the best time to try out new makeup as you don’t know how it works for you. If you use makeup you know you love, you’re guaranteed to look and feel great!

Mix Your Moisturiser and Foundation

This 2-in-1 step will save you SO much time. Tinted moisturisers are brilliant for busy mornings. Just pop both on the back of your hand and mix them together. While it may give you a little less coverage, it’ll still even out your skin tone and give you a healthy glow. Your skin will also feel hydrated throughout the day!

Useful Makeup Tip: We’d recommend using a moisturiser without SPF in as this can sometimes come off very white and make your foundation look paler than usual.

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Target the Parts of the Face That’ll Make you Look Awake

Lashes and brows are brilliant for this. Get brows out of the way by running a bit of tinted brow gel through them. This brushes them out giving you a fuller look as well as colours sparse areas at the same time.

If you really want to look awake you can curl your lashes, it does only take a few seconds! If, however, you’d prefer not to just go ahead and add some mascara. We’d suggest using waterproof mascara as this holds a curl better and won’t slip around or give you panda 🐼 eyes by the end of the evening!


Merge Contour, Bronzer and Blusher Together

You definitely don’t have time for all three. Instead of going in with three separate powders, choose a warm bronzer and run it around your face. Going over the nose, cheeks, cheekbones and forehead will add some dimension back into the face and obviously give you a great colour. It’s a step we couldn’t be without!

Useful beauty hack for skin: Stay away from matte bronzers if you’re in a rush. They can often be harder to blend out and don’t give as much life to the face. Something with a little shimmer or a satin finish will work great and you can use it for our next hack!

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From Cheeks to Lids

Use your choice of bronzer to run a little bit of colour over your eyelids. As we mentioned in the previous hack, the bronzer will add dimension. Our eyes are the area that can make us look the most tired so taking care of them can make you look like a different person in all of about 2 minutes!

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Reach for Lip Balm!

You don’t have time for a colour and you definitely don’t have time to mess around with a lip liner and try to get a perfect lipstick application. A tinted lip balm is ideal for days when you’re a bit more rushed. The other great thing about them is you can chuck them in your bag and just apply as and when needed. You don’t even need a mirror!

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So hopefully next time you’re in a mad rush in the morning you can put these hacks to the test! Of course, depending on how quick you apply your makeup you can always add steps in if you have the time! This is just a basic routine to keep you looking fresh and awake from your early morning start until you get home!

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