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Hairstyles That Will See You from a Day in the Office to a Night in the Club

By Ellie Pool —

3 Hairstyles That Will See You from a Day in the Office to a Night in the Club
Any 9-5 working woman will know the struggle of doing a day in the office and then heading straight to meet friends for a night of socialising with no time to spare in the middle to get ready.

Even if you style your hair before heading off to work, it doesn’t always look as fresh and full of life as it did before you left the house over 8-hours earlier, so you need a selection of go-to hair styles that you can quickly do before leaving the house in the morning that will still look preened to perfection by the time you head for the club after work.

I’m going to be sharing with you my 3 favourite hairstyles that I turn too whenever I have a long day ahead and need my hair to look as good at the end as it did at the start.

Pin Curls

Some people are blessed with hair that holds a curl really well but unfortunately, I have never been that person, so I’ve never turned to curls as a hairstyle to last me all day, until I found this method.

Whether you choose to use your straighteners or a curling wand, simply curl the hair in small sections and after you release each curl, roll it back up and pin it with a hair grip. Spray each section as you go and once you have curled and pinned the whole head, spray all your hair and leave to cool for 5-10 minutes.

I’d recommend doing your hair first and then it can cool while you do your makeup, giving it extra time to set and better hold for the day ahead.

Once your hair is fully cooled or you need to take it out (whichever comes first), remove all the clips, shake and style the curls to get the look you want and spray again with hairspray.

Pinning each curl as it cools will help it hold its shape better and last longer.

Fishtail Braids/Plaits

There’s so many different kinds of braids/plaits you can do but my favourite kind that I think is both day and night appropriate is fishtail braids.

A really quick and simple kind of braid to do and really easy to teach yourself, you can do this style in a few different ways to suit your own personal preference. You can either do one braid to one side of the head, one braid in the centre of the head or split the hair into two halves and have a braid either side.

To do a fishtail braid, you simply take the section of hair you want to braid and split it into two equal halves. Once you have two halves, take a small section of hair from one half and pass it over to the other, then take a section of hair of the same size from the other half of the hair and pass it over. You simply continue doing this until you run out of hair or reach the point where you want to stop and then tie it off with a bobble.

I always pull this kind of braid out to loosen it and make it look more messy and laid back. This braid looks really complex but is quick and easy to do when you’re in a rush in the morning. The best part of this style though is that I think it looks better as it gets more worn in, meaning it will look as good once you get to the club as it did when you got to the office.

Low Bun

A style that works for lots of hair lengths and wears well throughout the day to look even better at night, a low bun is a great choice if you need a quick style to see you through the day.

Everyone has their own method of doing a bun but I simply smooth my hair into a low ponytail and tie with a bobble and then create the bun by twisting the hair round and round and then putting in another bobble. I secure mine with some hair grips and then pull everything a bit looser for a more casual look.

The reason this style works so well for a long day at work and then on to a party is that it loosens throughout the day to look more sultry and sophisticated, so you get a neat and smart hairstyle for work and a cool and casual look for the evening’s events.

I hope you’ve found this useful if you’re trying to find the perfect hairstyle to see you through a long day out of the house or even if you’re just wanting to find some new hair inspiration.

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