How to de-stress

By Danielle —

Do you ever find yourself stressed out from everything getting on top of you all at once? Whether its work or your personal life, sometimes we all need to take a break from what’s going on and just de-stress and relax.

De-stress Yourself

Here are some of my top tips to help you.

1) Taking a long-hot bubble bath 

Whenever I have had a long stressful day or even just feeling quite low, I usually take a long hot bath to de-stress from my day. I like to burn candles to set a relaxing atmosphere, with the low lighting and bubbles I find my worries slowly fading away.

2) Apply a face mask 

If anyone else suffers like I do from hormonal breakouts whenever you get stress, this tip will be your holy grail! Whenever I get stressed, I always pop on a face mask to draw out all the impurities from my skin- I find this therapeutic as I think it’s the stress being removed from my body. This will also help keep your skin clear and refreshed so it’ll keep breakouts at bay.

3) Burning essential oils

This is my personal favourite to help me relax. You can pick up a diffuser quite easily online whether it’s a steam diffuser or just simply using a tea light candle that heats up the oil. I use my mums steam diffuser and have found that the best scents to help me de-stress are peppermint and lavender. They smell lovely and help create a relaxing atmosphere.

4) Watching TV or reading a book

This is my go-to when I need to distract myself after having a bad day. I usually stick on my favourite film or pick a book that I’ve been meaning to read. It helps to turn off your phone too so you do not have any distractions. When I am going through a tough time, this really helps me relax and de-stress. It also gives me clarity when I go back to reality.

5) Get a treatment done

I appreciate that this sounds like the most obvious way to relax, however, most people do not think of it. For example, when I was stressed at work and feeling really low, I went and got my nails done. Why? Because treating yourself to something nice, whether it’s a wax, haircut or getting your nails done, it’ll make you feel better. Not only that, you are distracted in the chit-chat and also an opportunity to vent about your day to someone.

I hope you find these top tips helpful like I did and “Please note, these are based on my own experiences only’.

Love, DD x

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