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Here’s how to be more Productive!

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How Productive are you?

In an ideal world, we’d have everything ticked off our daily to-do lists by 6 pm with the whole evening left to relax. We’re well aware that this very rarely, if ever, happens! Sometimes the tasks can pile up and you can start to feel overwhelmed and wonder how you’ll get it done. Hair up and positive attitudes on… it’s time to get stuff DONE! This simple list will help you to be more productive at work at home, at work or at school.

1. Preparation is KEY 🔑

Try to write your to-do list the night before. This will help you have a clear view of what needs doing the following day. If you can’t do it the night before, at least get it on paper or your phone! Having tasks to look at is much easier than trying to remember the 100 things you need to do!

2. How to be more productive in a day: the traffic light system


Use a red, amber and green system to prioritise different things that need doing in the day. You could use different coloured pens or grab some highlighters if that’s easier! Whatever the most important tasks are should be red, these are the things that absolutely have to get done! Prioritising makes your life a lot easier and you have less stress worrying about the big things.

3. Plan Your Outfit Before Hand

A great idea to increase productivity is to plan your outfit the night before and have it set out ready to wear. It saves us faffing around in the morning trying different things on when we really don’t have time! If you’re wanting to be more productive at work, this is a great tip to ensure you’ll be there on time!

4. Meditate

In order to be productive, we need to be in our best frame of mind. Meditation helps us relax, de-stress and make sense of everything again. It’s great to meditate in the mornings, even just for 3 minutes, so you can start your day with a fresh outlook!

5. Exercise

I may sound odd at first so let us explain. Exercise releases endorphins in our body that can actually improve our productivity. After exercising we feel as though we have more energy and we’re typically in a better mood. When we have more energy and are happier, ticking things off the to-do list seems a lot easier! It’s also really important to think about your health and have a way to de-stress!

6. Don’t Panic if it Doesn’t get Done!

We’re only human and sometimes can’t do everything in one day. Who knows what life would be like if we had an extra 4 hands to help us?! You need to allow yourself to accept you are only capable of so much. By doing so, you can relieve a lot of stress you may have built up! If you’ve been using the traffic light system, you can leave your green to pick up the next day or whenever you have time to do it!

So, next time your list is longer than your arm, you have a few tips to help you get by! We know implementing all of these at once is near enough impossible! Start small, maybe stock up on some checklists or notepads too!

After practising these for a few weeks you’ll be a productive more productive in life!

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