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By Abbie Nicole —

Preparing for your holiday is a task that so many of us love but also fear. With all the rushing around, endless to-do lists and triple checking you have your passport, it’s easy to forget about yourself! Sometimes it isn’t a good time for you to have to leave the house to get your pre-holiday beauty treatments, especially if you’re focused on packing!

If you’re looking to pamper yourself before you go away without the hassle of finding a salon, Ustunner are perfect for you!

Nails Services

Express Mani & Pedi – £28

Give yourself the gift of gorgeous nails and soft, sandal ready feet! Whether you’re sticking to your nude polish or want something a bit brighter a mani & pedi is a staple treatment before any holiday! If you’re looking for something even more relaxing, why don’t you add in a foot and hand massage for £5 each?!

Individual Mink Lash Extensions – From £50

Lash extensions are a fantastic option for people who don’t want to wear makeup frequently on holiday but still want to enjoy a little drama on their lashes! If you’re going away somewhere hot and can’t stand the thought of having to glue strip lashes on, or want your lashes to look full and fluttery in the pool, these are for you!

Full Body Wax – £120

Hair removal can be a pain and it’s the last thing you want to worry about when you’re going to be on holiday! If you can’t decide what’s best to wax then we’d suggest going with a full body wax however, there are lots of options to choose from, brows to bikini! Book yourself in with a wax specialist today to cover some of the most popular pre-holiday waxing treatments!

Body Wax

Spray Tan

Spray Tan – £30

Although we’re sure you’ll be soaking up all the sun you can while you’re away, some people prefer to arrive on holiday beach ready with a golden glow! Spray tans are great for giving you a deep glowing tan that’ll last you until you’ve started to develop your own natural bronze! No need to worry about what to wear to the salon and how you’re going to dry off or if it’s going to rain on your way home! Ustunner will come straight to your door.

LVL Lash Lift and Tint – £45

Just like lash extensions, a lash lift and tint is a great alternative to wearing makeup while on holiday! A lift and tint is a much softer more natural look for anyone wanting to still look like they’ve put a little effort in! If your lashes are naturally quite flat or fair an LVL Lash Lift and Tint can make a huge difference to how your eyes look day and night.

Facial – From £50

We offer a range of facials that are suitable to get your skin holiday ready. Even out your skin’s tone and texture before hitting the beach on your next holiday so you don’t have to stress about it while you’re there. Facials are also great in the run up to a holiday if you have problematic skin and are looking to reduce breakouts, redness and inflammation. They’re also seriously relaxing!
Spray Tan

Not going away?

Just because you’re not going away this year, doesn’t mean you’re not allowed a pamper session. Let Ustunner come to you with a range of massage choices to help you de-stress and wind down. Don’t forget to book in before any events you have for hair and makeup treatments too! Ustunner has a service for everyone.

However you decide to prepare for your holiday, Ustunner will be on hand to help you with all of your beauty and wellness needs! You can download our app now to book any treatments you may like.

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