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Skin Care Routine: Follow These Tips for Healthy Skin!

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Take Care of Your Skin!

Your skin is the biggest organ your body has, it’s so important to look after it! After all, it’s the thing everyone see’s first! There are so many different actions you can take to make your skin healthy by skincare routine. We believe caring for yourself should be quick and easy to do. No 30-minute basics of skincare morning and night, just simple tips you can add to your daily routine!

Drink Your Water, all 2 Litres! 🚰

It may seem like the most obvious tip but it’s one of the most important to follow. Your skin needs water to survive and to thrive and renew its cells! It’s recommended to drink 2 litres a day as each part of your body needs water to work! Don’t be fooled though, you don’t just find water from the tap! Fruits, vegetables and juices also contain plenty of water. We do recommend you keep an eye 👀 on how much water you’re consuming just to make sure you’re hydrated!

Water Hydratation

How to Take Care of Your Skin: SPF all Year Round! 🌤

That’s right… ALL year! You may only wear SPF on your face in the summer but you should have it in your routine every day all year. Just because the sun isn’t as prominent, it doesn’t mean the UV rays aren’t there. In fact, the suns UV rays can be found on even rainy days! We suggest grabbing a moisturiser with an SPF in it. Using one specifically designed for the face will help ensure your pores aren’t clogged and they’re less irritating on your eyes!

Regular Deep Cleansing Care

Masks, extractions, nourishing treatments… they’re all great to keep your skin feeling and looking amazing! Of course, you can do this all from home however, many people prefer to get a facial every so often from a professional. The perks of going to someone else are not having to buy a lot of different products, having someone who knows exactly what to do, it’s extremely relaxing, they’re able to see what really needs doing to the face.

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Seems like exercise can help with everything, right?! Well, it’s pretty fantastic! Exercising really gets your blood flowing which helps the skin renew and become healthier! Those red cheeks you get after a run aren’t a bad thing! Regular exercise has been proven to help prevent ageing in the skin! So, it doesn’t just help you out internally!

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Collagen Supplements

Your body needs collagen and in our modern diets, many of us don’t get enough of it! Collagen is the ingredient you want to look for if you’re on an anti-ageing kick! Collagen supplement help reduce and prevent wrinkles, fine lines and much more! This is because it keeps the skin’s elasticity! It’s also amazing at keeping your bones strong and healthy so an all around great supplement to take!

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