Fitness Plan – Cycle one – Day 6

Cycle one

Day 6 Rest Day - 1139 kcal


Very Berry Smoothie

Per serving: 240kcals


300ml Unsweetened Almond Milk 54
50g Frozen Berries 23
25g Flavoured Whey Protein Powder 103
4 Ice Cubes
10g Almonds 60


Place all ingredients into a blender and blend into a smoothie.


Chicken and Pesto Wrap

Per serving: 327kcals (vegetarian option 309kcals)


(80g) Shredded/chopped Chicken Breast 88 or Quorn chicken pieces 70
(14g) Reduced Fat Green Pesto 25
(30g) Grated Eat lean Protein Cheese 51
(1 TBSP) Hellman’s Lighter than Light Mayonnaise 10
(55g) Sliced Yellow Pepper 15
1 Weight Watchers Wholemeal Wrap 118
1 Cup Shredded Salad Greens 20


Lay your wrap on your chopping board. Place your salad greens in the centre. Add your sliced yellow pepper. In a bowl mix your chicken, mayo and pesto together, making sure you cover all of the chicken. Now scoop the chicken on top of your wrap and grate your cheese over the chicken. Then wrap/roll your wrap, and cut in half and enjoy.


The Lamb and Mint Bunless Burger

Servings 2. Per serving: 382kcals


200g 10% fat lamb mince 193
Handful of mint leaves finely chopped
1/2 Medium Onion 10
1 Cal Oil Spray 5
60g Skyr Yoghurt (or high protein) 90
1/2 Clove Crushed Garlic 1.25
30g Halloumi slices 47
1 Large Tomato 16.5
Lettuce 7.5
Serve with a Mixed Green Salad 11.5


Finely dice the onion and add a large pinch of salt and pepper. Add the mince and half the mint then mix together with your hands working together until fully mixed in.

Form into 2 equal size burgers. Spray each burger top with oil and add salt to your taste on top. Preheat the oven to 200/180 (fan) degrees. Heat pan on hob to medium/high heat. Place each burger oil side down onto the hot pan. Whilst on the pan, spray the raw side with oil and salt. After 3 mins flip burgers. After 3 further minutes place the pan in the oven for 4 mins. Place a new pan on the hob, spray with oil and place the halloumi in, cook on each side for 60 seconds. Allow the meat to rest for 2 mins before serving. Whilst the patties are resting, layer the lettuce and tomato. Mix the yoghurt, the remaining mint and garlic together. Place the burger on the bottom with half of the yoghurt mix on top. Place the halloumi on top and form the burger.


Savoury Muffins

Per serving: 190kcals


150ml Egg Whites 74
2 Slices Pepperoni 50
1/4 Onion 10
5 Cherry Tomatoes 15
70g Spring Greens 31
1kcal Spray 10
Muffin Tray


Preheat the oven to 180C. Finally chop Pepperoni, Onion, Spring Greens. Spray non-stick pan with 1kcal and then fry off the above ingredients. Put the egg whites into a measuring jug and then add in the friend ingredients. Add the fried ingredients into the measuring jug and then stir the ingredients in with the egg whites. Add in Salt and Pepper. Apply one squirt of 1kcal to each mould of the muffin tray. Spoon the mixture into each mould – This should make 3/4 moulds depending on how big your muffin tray moulds are. Bake for 20 Minutes – May need an additional 5 minutes so check the muffins to make sure they are solid throughout – Stab the centre of the muffin to check. Once ready remove from the oven and carefully cut around the muffins using a knife to remove them from the tin.

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