Eyebrows Shapes

Eyebrows: How to calculate the right shape for different faces

We have been told it can be difficult, but it is not: the technique for making eyebrows is based on the calculation of three points of the face. You just need an eyebrow shape pencil, a steady hand, at least 50 centimetres of distance from the mirror and you can start.

Your eyebrows shape is much more important than you think for the  harmony of your face: their modification can bring about considerable changes in the proportion of your face and the results of your make-up.

To gain the eyebrows shape that fits you is fundamental indeed, they enhance your look!

There are rules through which even at home you can get the right eyebrow shape without incurring mistakes.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

We MUST underline that the most common error in the definition of eyebrows is to force their natural form: If you were born with straight eyebrows, DO NOT FORCE by insisting to having them shaped differently.

Tools you will need:

· angled tweezers
· a nail scissors
· an eyebrow comb
· two makeup pencils

The 3-point technique

First of all, the eyebrows must be combed upwards, to evaluate the length of the hair and how to shorten them.

Once settled, proceed by following these steps:

1. Find your eyebrows starting point: Place a vertical pencil at the outer edge of the nostril and draw a vertical dash where the pencil is at the height of the eyebrows. Remove all the pebbles beyond the line, if any.
2. Find the eyebrows highest point: Then the pencil must tilt passing through the pupil:the point that the pencil crosses on the eyebrows will be the highest point, that is the one of the possible curve.
3. Find the eyebrows ending point: By moving the pencil, always resting on the side of the nostril, to pass out of the eye, this is the point where the eyebrow must end.

With seagull wings, round or thick? It depends on the shape of the face!

Have you ever wondered what is the ideal shape for your eyebrows? There is no design  dictated by trends that can be good for everyone.
The best thing to do, if you do not want to be wrong, is to study your face type first and then proceed.

The structure of the eyebrows

First of all, it is good to understand how to divide your eyebrows into three fundamental parts:

the first, ascending, which we will call A
the second, descending, called D
the third, angle or point of height, which we will call H

Eyelash Shape Ustunner

Eyebrow shapes for different face types

Let’s see how you can adapt your eyebrows to your ‘face type’ in order to make the most of your glance.

Eyebrows Shapes

Eye-brows shapes for long faces

If you have an extended face, the top of the eyebrows (point H) should be moved towards the outside, while the section D (descending) should have a horizontal pattern, to give greater breadth.

Eyebrows shapes for triangular-shaped face

In the case the outline of your face tends to be “at heart” with a slightly tapered chin, it is advisable to raise the angle of the eyebrows a few millimetres, without stretching them horizontally in order not to emphasize the forehead.

Eyebrows shapes for round faces

In case of round faces the point H is slightly moved inwards and the descending section should be neither elongated nor refined, to make the jaw part softer and not in contrast with the whole.

Eyebrows shapes for minute face

In case of a nice oval face, it is better to opt for a roundish design, which does not “harden” the sweet expression and does not place the nose in the foreground.


Follow our eyebrows shape tips 2018 to learn how to shape your eyebrows at home. If you liked this blog and wish to read more like this, just follow our beauty blog.


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