• Spiritual Relinquishing this Super New Moon

      It’s time to get OUT of your feelings and the universe can help you do just that this 17.09.2020! The super moon amongst us this evening will teach us that we can support any vision. This new moon holds the space for us to see far into the future and opens up the path needed to get us there. This magic new moon in Virgo is all about stepping into our power and raising our vibration and awareness. It will also bring balance to the emotional havoc brought on by the full moon in Pisces. While the Pisces moon forced for exploration and the release of all unconscious self-undoings, this…

  • Nail Colours To Fit Your Skin Colour

    When it comes to nail colours, there are thousands of colours to choose from. But just like hair colours, some styles are better suited to you than others.   There are many factors to consider when choosing the right one to match your skin tone. Similar to make-up, there are optimum shades that go with your skin colour the most.   When we go to the salon, it doesn’t take a lot of time for us to choose a colour. However, there’s more to nail-matching than what our outfits of the week will be or what our mood is.   The best way to go is to match our nails…

  • Booking a mobile beauty app at home

    Mobile Beauty: The Best Way to Pamper Yourselves

    Women come in flocks not to beautify themselves for others, but for themselves. U stunner has gained prominence because of how convenient we are. Here are some of the reasons as to how we have become so popular #1 You get the best Massages. We offer a variety of Massage services. These services range from Thai massages to lymphatic massages. Many women consider Ustunner as one of their go-to for relaxation. They get to pamper themselves after a tiring or stressful day in their home or wherever they want to! #2 Get the perfect hairstyle. We provide most beauty services that women want. Having their hair cut and styled is…

  • Beach Body Ready Everyday!

    The holiday season is here and there is less and less time to get your body beach ready. We all know that most methods require a few months before you can notice visible results. Although, not all is lost! We don’t suggest strict diets but “smart” eating could definitely bring some positive changes! Making some small changes in your daily food choices will help you to keep your body weight down and avoid the bloating. It will not help you to lose a stone within a month without following a strict diet but it will definitely make you feel more confident in your own body! Nutrition and bloating
 We all…

  • Holiday Ustunner

    Get Holiday Ready with Ustunner

    By Abbie Nicole — Preparing for your holiday is a task that so many of us love but also fear. With all the rushing around, endless to-do lists and triple checking you have your passport, it’s easy to forget about yourself! Sometimes it isn’t a good time for you to have to leave the house to get your pre-holiday beauty treatments, especially if you’re focused on packing! If you’re looking to pamper yourself before you go away without the hassle of finding a salon, Ustunner are perfect for you! Express Mani & Pedi – £28 Give yourself the gift of gorgeous nails and soft, sandal ready feet! Whether you’re sticking…

  • mobile eyelash technician London

    Why Choose Ustunner?

    By Ustunner — How many times have you put off getting your nails done because you’re too busy? Have you ever neglected your hair and avoided getting that ‘trim’ because you’re simply too tired after work? How about knowing you deserve to treat yourself but you’re busy with the kids and have too much to do around the house. These are all feelings we know too well at Ustunner. Instead of worrying how you’ll make time to get out, let someone come to you! At Ustunner, you can book in your preferred treatment, or treatments, wherever and whenever it suits you. When you need to pop to the salon you’re…

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