• How to Trim Your Hair

    6 Simple Healthy Hair Tips

    Imagine having a good hair day. EVERY DAY. Knowing how to take care of your hair is very important. It’s not just about using strengthening shampoo and conditioner. These simple healthy hair tips will help you to improve your hair care routine. Trim Your Hair Regularly Hair experts recommend getting your hair trimmed every 2-3 months. By cutting off the split ends, hair will have less breakage and flyaways. If you let the split ends grow, your hair will get thinner and frizzier, making it difficult to comb and getting tangled in the shower. Regular haircuts prevent frizziness and make the hair look thick and healthy. Don’t Shampoo Your Hair If You…

  • Shampoo Ustunner

    Sulphate Free Shampoo: The Ultimate Deal

    Do you often wonder why luxury products, hair stylist treatments, ad hoc hair cutting at every change of season are not enough to have beautiful and strong hair? What is the secret that prevents hair from appearing as perfect as we want? To maintain strong and beautiful hair you must use a shampoo suitable for your type of hair, of course, but above all it needs to be delicate and not contain sulfates. Why? The sulfates in shampoos have a strong foaming power but in the long run it can cause friction on the hair, making it weaker and dry. Sulphate Shampoo: What you need to know Customers now are…

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