• buti Yoga Ustunner

    Buti Yoga: Your Next Obsession

    By Amanda Bateson — Buti Yoga Ladies, meet buti yoga. This yoga style might be your next obsession. Buti is pronounced just like the infamous, “booty”. Perhaps you heard of it before and your impression was a little something like this, “booty what?!” – I had the same question! Little did I know that this new fitness craze goes deeper than just a catchy name. Buti yoga founded by the queen herself, Bizzie Gold, is a fast-paced and empowering tribal style yoga. It combines plyometrics (jumping), vinyasa yoga styles, and tribal dance. With high intensity music and energetic instructors, this class is meant to make you sweat! The amount of…

  • Chill Out Ustunner

    5 Ways to Improve your Mental Health

    By Abbie — Mental illness is something that many people have to deal with at some point in their life, whether it be with themselves or watching friends and family suffer. Absolutely anyone can go through a bad time with their mental health for a number of reasons. When you feel your mental health is declining, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck. There are many things you can do yourself that can help make you feel better. Here you are 5 simple ways to improve your mental health. Mental Health: Your Guide 1) Practice Meditation You may have heard many people talk about meditation being a great tool for…

  • Love Yoga Ustunner

    10 reasons to love yoga

    If you’re anything like me, you want to be fit and healthy, but don’t really get along with the traditional way of exercising. I’ve tried weights, loads of gym classes, even survived a spin class, but none of them were for me. I felt like exercising will never give me that happy or satisfaction feeling everyone else seems to get after a hard workout. Until I found yoga. Here are 10 reasons to love yoga. Yoga Everyday Benefits It tones and strengthens your body using only out body weight and balancing techniques. There is no need for extra weights that can sometimes actually do more damage than good. After about…

  • Express Mani & Pedi Ustunner

    Five Simple Tips for a Better You

    By Sophie– Sometimes I feel that applying and trying to maintain the most simple lifestyle improvements can be the most challenging! I know that many of us often try to overcomplicate things, and instead of focusing on the basics, we focus on things like fifteen step skincare regimes (or maybe that’s just me!) Anyway, I’m here to remind you of a few of the easiest improvements that you can make! The following are my top five lifestyle tips. Hopefully you’ll find it super simple to incorporate them into your lifestyle (if they’re not already a part of it!) So far this year I’ve really focused on these and have found…

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