• Chill Out Ustunner

    5 Ways to Improve your Mental Health

    By Abbie — Mental illness is something that many people have to deal with at some point in their life, whether it be with themselves or watching friends and family suffer. Absolutely anyone can go through a bad time with their mental health for a number of reasons. When you feel your mental health is declining, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck. There are many things you can do yourself that can help make you feel better. Here you are 5 simple ways to improve your mental health. Mental Health: Your Guide 1) Practice Meditation You may have heard many people talk about meditation being a great tool for…

  • Love for Your Skin Ustunner

    How to Prepare and Care for a Spray Tan

    By Abbie — Most of us want gorgeous, glowing, bronze skin for the summer but tanning beds and direct sunlight aren’t always the best way to achieve it. UV rays are actually very harmful, especially if you’re not wearing an SPF, to your skin and have been proven to cause premature ageing, dark spots and even skin cancer. If, like many, you prefer to tan in a less risky way you may want to see these tips on how to make your spray tan last as long as it can without going patchy! There’s a lot more care. Beautiful bronze tans start before you get your spray on! It’s important…

  • Holiday Ustunner

    Get Holiday Ready with Ustunner

    By Abbie Nicole — Preparing for your holiday is a task that so many of us love but also fear. With all the rushing around, endless to-do lists and triple checking you have your passport, it’s easy to forget about yourself! Sometimes it isn’t a good time for you to have to leave the house to get your pre-holiday beauty treatments, especially if you’re focused on packing! If you’re looking to pamper yourself before you go away without the hassle of finding a salon, Ustunner are perfect for you! Express Mani & Pedi – £28 Give yourself the gift of gorgeous nails and soft, sandal ready feet! Whether you’re sticking…

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