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About Us

U Stunner is a platform that connects mobile beauty therapists and clients. We are an on demand mobile beauty App and also cover many Wellness services in and around London.
As part of our expansion programme, we are also taking service provider sign-ups in other major cities in the UK.

We work around your schedule offering last-minute appointments, we take the hassle out of booking into a salon, travelling there and back, as well as transport and parking issues instead. Your personal mobile beauty salon will come straight to you at your convenience. Our professional service providers are on hand, ready to travel to you to deliver the best home beauty treatments.

You can easily choose your treatments from a selection of luxury beauty services such as luxury pedicures, individual eyelash extensions, spray tans, last minute nail appointments, holistic therapies at home and many more.

We work with some of the top beauty technicians in the industry. The beauty therapists we work with are highly qualified and use premium mobile beauty therapists equipment to deliver the best at home beauty.ย 

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All Services

Spray Tan
Make Up

Sit back, relax and let one of our insured professionals come to you!

You can book your beauty treatments direct from our app at a time and place that suits you. To make bookings more efficient you can deposit money into your Ustunner Wallet. Once your booking is confirmed, a professional service provider will meet you at your chosen location and take care of the rest!

You can also check out our mobile beauty prices.
Pricing is available on the website along with frequently asked questions, which can be found in the privacy policy.
Our flexibility and adaptability to your needs is one of our main strengths and make us one of the best Beauty Apps.

Let our experienced Mobile Beauticians take care of you… Book your mobile beauty services, Book with U Stunner!

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